Berggren Future Forum 2022

A seminar in hybrid form that charmed both audiences

The Berggren Future Forum 2022 seminar brought together technology and IPR industry trendsetters and decision-makers for the third time. The goal was to offer the target group a first-class event experience and build an image of the company as a modern IPR operator and industry trendsetter.

Comprehensive marketing as a stimulus for interest and dialogue
We helped customer to achieve their goals through comprehensive event marketing. Before the event, we produced content and marketing materials such as blogs, invitation texts, and speaker introductions. In addition, we harnessed social media influencers for marketing. This is how we ensured the event’s communication was attractive and reached the right target group.

We implemented a futuristic hybrid event at Musiikkitalo, where innovation and learning how to prepare for an uncertain future came up in the discussion. The entire event was streamed to a remote audience. Networking at dinner and entertaining music sealed the event among those who were present. We also produced editorial content, photos and an after-movie for the customer’s post-marketing needs. Finland’s biggest IPR event was a success!


The customer: Berggren
Event model:
300 + 100 in stream
Event planning, project management, event production, event management, comprehensive planning and implementation of marketing, photography, videography


Tapahtuma ei ole vain kohtaamisten areena, vaan parhaimmillaan se mahdollistaa syvällisemmän yhteyden brändien ja osallistujien välille. Jokaisen tapahtuman tulisi olla omistajalleen ainutlaatuinen ja osallistujalle elämys, josta jää pysyvä jälki.
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