Elisa ICT Day 2020

Elisa ICT Day 2020

Eisa ICT day was the most anticipated technology event of autumn 2020, which dealth with the digital future and technological solutions. In addition to the main program line, the event included two in-depth sub-lines, as well as an entertainment program. Performers consisted of more than 30 Finnish and international experts and keynote speakers. The event focused on networking and the provision of virtual departments by 17 international partner brands.

Participants had the opportunity to arrange one-on-one meetings in advance, discuss with partner representatives in a chat, and visit their virtual departments to watch live shows. The event platform was Brella. The feedback was magnificent! The employees told that the event strengthened the sense of togetherness and increased the sense of appreciation.


Tapahtuma ei ole vain kohtaamisten areena, vaan parhaimmillaan se mahdollistaa syvällisemmän yhteyden brändien ja osallistujien välille. Jokaisen tapahtuman tulisi olla omistajalleen ainutlaatuinen ja osallistujalle elämys, josta jää pysyvä jälki.
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