Deloitte Summit 2021

Deloitte Summit 2021 – Future of Work LAB

The Deloitte Summit 2021 brought together the company’s employees to reflect on their future working lives and to celebrate the reunion safely for a long time. Under the theme of Future of Work, the aim was to create social cohesion, mutual interaction and gain knowledge and insight into the themes of future working life. The event consisted of three sections: a seminar, a workshop and an entertainment section.

At the heart of digital tools and a workshop

We created digital tools and the workshop for the event, which gathered information about how to do the work of the future through entertainment and gamification elements. The pre-made videos introduced the topics, speeches, and a panel discussion. The goal of the participatory workshop was to provide a memorable workshop experience and gather relevant information through group discussions and responses from participants. The interactive virtual workshop space was on-site via shared iPads. We also streamed the virtual environment on giant screens in the event space. Participants moved through different virtual rooms to various discussion topics in the workshop. They were then asked to discuss these topics in groups. The topics and tasks were projected on the walls of virtual rooms or opened through interactive hotspots. We collected all data in an integrated manner.

A captivating concept
We designed the LAB concept for the three-part event, which combined the topics to be interestingly and spectacularly through participatory engagement and digitalisation. The concept was implemented at various meeting points, from registration to the workshop and catering. The event achieved, even exceeded, the set goals. The company will be able to utilise the results in the development of operations, which will point to their future path.




Tapahtuma ei ole vain kohtaamisten areena, vaan parhaimmillaan se mahdollistaa syvällisemmän yhteyden brändien ja osallistujien välille. Jokaisen tapahtuman tulisi olla omistajalleen ainutlaatuinen ja osallistujalle elämys, josta jää pysyvä jälki.
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