Expert seminar as a hybrid event

VR FleetCare, a specialist railway company, brought together industry leaders to discuss track infrastructure maintenance. We conducted the SmartCare seminar as a hybrid event, virtual and live, at Sisters Studio.

Intelligible and dynamic expert content
We designed the content for the interactive event that supported the company’s brand and the event’s goals. Travel-oriented intro videos introduced participants to various themes – the seminar featured interesting speeches and panel discussions, and in-depth presentations in the form of different presentation materials. In addition to the content, the live audience also enjoyed the high-quality service of Restaurant Bank. The event summed up the latest tools and methods of maintenance for the target audience with a dynamic approach. Icareus acted as the platform for the event.

Customer: VR FleetCare
Event Model: A hybrid event
Number of participants: 30 on-site and 50 online
Services: Event concept, content design, script, graphic design, video production, event production, and event management.

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