Event Architects

Sisters Inc. is passionate bunch of talented event marketing experts. We call ourselves Event Architects.

We bring together experience, insight, design and creativity to create a lasting impact and results through our actions for the clients we work with. We are an awarded family-owned business founded in 2004 and work together with leading domestic and international companies from a variety of industries. For us, superior customer experience is the foundation of our work.

We have a “Yes I can” attitude and are willing to walk the extra mile. Our ambition drives us to think big, aim high and deliver excellence! We believe in the unique power of events: how they impact and touch people, how they change our experience and put things into the spotlight.

We live by our principles. Our actions are characterized by our strong passion, integrity and continuous charge. Your experience is the cornerstone of our operations. We commit to your event objectives in everything we do in an uncompromising manner.


15 Years
Founded in 2004

2 Evento Awards -wins
and 8 times in the finals

9,3/10 of our customers
recommends us

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