Technology Industries of Finland 120 years

Welcome to the Future

Technology Industries of Finland (Teknologiateollisuus ry) celebrated its 120th anniversary, and Technology Industry 100th Anniversary Foundation (Teknologiateollisuuden 100-vuotissäätiö ) marked its 20th year. The “Welcome to the Future” event commemorated these significant milestones and highlighted how the Finnish technology industry has maintained its vitality and is ready for the future.

Encounters and High Technology
The keys to Finland’s success, as defined by the Technology Industries of Finland, are competence and innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. These themes were evident in various ways during the 120th-anniversary celebrations. We designed a comprehensive concept for the event that seamlessly integrated the past, present, and future in an experiential and visually striking manner. The former marine cable plant (Merikaapelihalli) transformed into a modern and interactive space where the world’s oldest startup was celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere. We showcased success factors, such as expertise, innovation, and collaboration, in the visual identity, themed areas, and experiential catering. The event was crowned by innovative program numbers tailored to the theme of the celebration and 12 unique and interactive partner booths. Partners presented Finnish high-tech solutions to over 450 guests in these booths throughout the evening.

Customer: Technology Industries of Finland
Event model: Live event
Number of Participants: Approximately 450
Services: Event conceptualization and planning, project management, event production, event coordination, graphic design, audiovisual production, photography

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