Sok Mara event

An event that brought together

SOK MaRa wanted to celebrate its 10-year history with a two-part event consisting of an informative and educational seminar, as well as a spectacular evening celebration. The celebration day, with over 600 attendees, was hoped to be not only beneficial but also rewarding and to commemorate the success accompanied by impressive entertainment. The goal was to recognize the best hotel and restaurant operators of the year 2022, share knowledge, and support teamwork.

We designed a theme for the event highlighting success emerging through solid teamwork and shared goals. The core theme of “Yhdessä olemme enemmän” (“Stronger together”) was strongly emphasized both visually and in the sound design. The powerful theme, combined with the rhythm of the event, provided a clear structure for the event. The high-quality program in the seminar and the evening celebration created a sense of appreciation among participants, leaving a strong lasting impression.

Customer: SOK
Event model: Seminar + Evening celebration, live
Number of participants: approximately 630
Services: Event planning, event production, event coordination, photography, videography.

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