Meira roastery opening party

When the yard party exceeded expectations

Meira organized a warm, open public event in the courtyard of the roastery. The goal was to celebrate the continuation of the coffee roaster’s operation together with the neighbourhood, partners and customers.

Marketing communication of the event that strengthens the brand image

We planned the opening event of the roastery and its marketing as a single entity. As it was an open event, the communication needed to reach the target groups in time. Therefore, we did marketing communication in a multi-channel, attractive way and line with the brand. Also, selected representatives of the press and social media influencers were for the communication work. We came up with catchy phrases as hashtags for the event, which are easy to connect to the brand. We used hashtags along with digital platforms, for example, prop signs on the photo wall and balloons, which spread the message on social media and in the Vallila area.

The number of visitors to the event exceeded 200%

We created a family-friendly, colourful, cheerful environment for the company’s yard. In the courtyard, a DJ played music that suited the atmosphere, and the smell of freshly roasted coffee wafted through the air. The event visitors enjoyed fresh coffee with doughnuts, while the smallest guests enjoyed juice and cotton candy. Visitors could also buy products from the pop-up market. Comprehensive marketing communications and positive visitor experiences spread the message about the opening effectively. The number of visitors set for the event was exceeded by 200 per cent.

Customer: Meira
Event model: Public event
Participants: +1500
Services: Marketing planning and production, event planning, event production, event management, project coordination, photography and video production

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