Gummerus 150 years

The sound world as a strong concept

Gummerus spectacularly celebrated 150 years of the book publishing house. The goal was to thank the stakeholders, offer them a memorable party, and spread the anniversary message in Äänessä 150 vuotta. In addition, the event wanted to look firmly to the future.

We designed an experiential event concept for the occasion, the red thread of which is sound. Even the name of the event primed the creation of an unforgettable memory. We used sound in a versatile and surprising way throughout the event by realizing the most critical elements of the celebration, such as catering, speeches and the program, experientially. During the evening, we made the voices of stakeholders and writers heard and highlighted current topics and works. The party also included a pre-produced historical video that took the participants on the company’s 150-year journey. In the evening, touching speeches, unique musical performances, and book excerpts were heard. Combining memorable event elements creates a story that raises strong emotions and experiences that leave a long-lasting impression.

Customer: Gummerus
Event model: Guest party, live event
Number of participants: 230
Services: Event planning, conceptualization, event production, project management, event management, video pre-production, photography

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