Deloitte Summit 2023

Celebration of Joy and Well-being

Joy is a state of mind that connects and empowers! This was the essence of the theme for the concluding Deloitte Summit of the year – “Joy. A source of well-being” offered a unique experience that immersed the staff into the world of joy and well-being.

As joy impacts individuals in various ways, the core message of the “Joy. A source of well-being” event concept was to encourage the staff to realize how each person can be a source of their own well-being and joy. We brought the event concept to life by combining scenes in three different spaces, integrating music, performing arts, and an inspiring program into an impactful whole. We created the framework and precise timing for the event, which, together with audiovisual elements, supported the role of joy in each scene, enabling a dynamic participant experience.

The stage featured top speakers, a world-class comedian, and Deloitte employees throughout the day. We produced a fun Deloitte Den segment, where competitors presented innovative and well-being-promoting solutions, similar to the “Shark Tank” series. The judges and the audience voted for the best winner. Overall, the event provided a multi-sensory experience, shaping a positive attitude, and strengthening a sense of belonging among the participants.

Customer: Deloitte
Event model: Live event
Number of Participants: Approximately 600
Services: Event conceptualization and planning, project management, event production, event coordination, graphic design, photography, and video production

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