Deloitte Fy23 Start event

A two-part personnel event united all

Deloitte FY23Start gathered the personnel to familiarize themselves with the year’s theme and strengthen the connection between each other after a long period of remote work. The event aimed to encourage interaction and enhance social cohesion and cooperation

Sisters Inc. has already implemented several personnel events for Deloitte. FYStart is an event that starts the year’s theme and sets the stage for the Summit at the end of the year. We produced the FyStart23 event in two parts in the centre of Helsinki: the day started with an inspiring seminar and continued after a short break with a fun outdoor party.

The cornerstones of the concept create the framework for a high-quality event
We crystallized the concept of “Human connection” for the event, which focuses on establishing dialogue and connection and strengthening the operating culture through cooperation and interaction. The cornerstones of the concept – CONNECTION, COLLABORATION and IMPACT – created the framework for both the program’s structure and content, awakening the participants to a common dialogue and encouraging networking. During the day, an interaction was maintained by, among other things, numerous presentations, an improvisation group and a networking game. The event culminated at sunset with an outdoor concert by Finland’s popular artist.

Customer: Deloitte
Event model: Live event, seminar, evening party
Number of participants: 500
Services: Event planning, event production, event management, project coordination, photography and video production

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