Towards dreams in a major event

Ärräpäivät is a big event organized by R-Kiosk for all R-traders. The annual event gathers merchant entrepreneurs and kiosk managers from all over Finland to get inspired, train, and network with top brands and partners.

A smooth participant experience ensures success.
We implemented a two-day event with the theme “Towards dreams” on Logomo event premises in Turku. The Ärräpäivät consisted of diverse contents: an opening ceremony, regional meetings of the different regions, a seminar and an evening gala. In addition, the event included trade fairs for suppliers and service providers, where we created 38 unique trade fair stands and a separate world of Food Court food products. We planned and built the event complex, both physically and on digital platforms, and we ensured that every part worked smoothly, including managing the participant experience. Among other things, the event’s mobile application provided regular reminders that the participants get the most out of the event and do not accidentally miss out on the program, meals or shuttle transportation. In addition to inspiration and new experiences, the participants received a new event magazine to take home, which was produced digitally for the first time.

Customer: R-Kioski
Event model: Live event & fair
Number of participants: About 600
Services: Project management, event production, event management, graphic design, copywriting, magazine design and layout, photography, website and mobile content

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