Synlab, the world-class party

The World-class party

When the brief says that the event should be remembered even as a senior in a rocking chair, it’s clear that something significant is ahead! SYNLAB, a laboratory and health services provider, organized a fabulous party for its staff to thank them for the previous work year.

We planned the evening party from these starting points and developed the concept “World-class party” for the event. These parties brought the participants to the middle of stardust and front-row seats to a private concert by Finland’s top artists in Helsinki’s Kattilahalli. Well-known presenters-professionals Lauri Salovaara and Jaana Pelkonen led the event with an entertaining touch. During the evening, the performers, chefs and bartenders gave their best; what would a party be without delicious food and drink? The spectacular evening was completed by a DJ/VJ combo performance and a tasty night snack.

Customer: Synlab Suomi Oy
Event model: Live event
Number of participants: 200
Services: Event concept, event production, event management, graphic design, videography and photography

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