Trade fair and space planning

Trade fairs and exhibitions are an excellent opportunity for companies to meet the target group face-to-face. At best, thousands of participants can be under the same roof, including important stakeholders, customers and potential new customers. So, it matters what the exhibition area or stand is like! An impressive and functional stand attracts and speaks to desired target groups, leaving a memorable trace of the encounter. – At best, deals, contracts and new meetings are already sealed during the fair visit.

We plan and implement comprehensive exhibition stand design and construction for companies on a turnkey basis. We can also organize an entire fair event. Do you want to turn heads among hundreds of trade fair stands? Why not harness the full potential of the trade fair? Or do you wish to organize an exhibition and invite your partners?

Seize the opportunity, and we’ll help you!

The exhibition stand serves a greater purpose beyond just being a stand

Too often, a trade show booth has been perceived as mere walls adorned with images and a bored-looking salesperson standing behind a candy bowl. We approach this matter from an entirely different perspective, innovatively and considering the full potential of the trade show event. When it comes to designing a booth, only imagination and space are the limits. We always base our booth designs on the company’s needs, desires, and available space – ensuring an intriguing concept and an experiential visitor journey.

An appealing trade show booth isn’t just visually stunning and aligned with the brand image; it’s also planned with its entire lifecycle and various functionalities in mind to meet objectives. In a face-to-face encounter, all person’s senses are engaged, so why only utilize one or two? A booth can have its soundscape, participant engagement through activities like games or new experiences, and even tasty catering. It can also cater to different target audiences at different times, for example, hosting a press event or staff training before the prime time of the trade show. During these interactions, it’s easy to collect data and leads while disseminating information through gamification or other interactive methods. As visitors spend more time at the booth, the barriers to interaction, engagement, and desired actions decrease, contributing to a more enduring holistic memory trace.

Why should a company participate in trade shows?

The significance of face-to-face interactions is growing. Events like trade shows offer an easy way to capture the attention of your target audience, especially compared to digital marketing. Furthermore, message targeting is most effective when the core audience has gathered in a single location. Trade shows often attract companies and competitors from the same industry, enhancing industry visibility. It’s worth considering whether it’s wise to abstain from this effective and prominent market.

During trade shows, a company has the opportunity to influence multiple stakeholders simultaneously, such as resellers, various service providers, media, suppliers, and staff. It can also serve as a recruitment platform or enhance the brand image. When participating in trade shows, it’s important to carefully assess the bigger picture, clarify participation goals, and maximize the event’s potential.

A fair stand with an easy turnkey principle!

We have extensive experience in designing and executing experiential encounters. By choosing Sisters Inc. as your trade show stand producer, we efficiently manage the process from initial planning to stand dismantling. You won’t need to stress about the project; measure and ponder materials, solutions, or technology. Instead, you can focus on successfully carrying out your trade show with peace of mind.

If needed, we provide guidance in goal setting and design a booth that caters to your needs – whether it’s a new product launch, enhancing brand awareness, recruitment, product or service sales, or any other measurable objective. We ensure optimal space utilization through floor plans, design lighting and other technological solutions like wall displays and projections. Our goal is to make your booth positively surprising, distinctive, and resonating with the right message. Additionally, we assist in harnessing the full marketing potential of the event and provide post-event support as needed.

Design // conceptualization // preliminary production of materials // floor plans // lighting // carpeting // furniture // soundscape // photo and video production // activation // invitation process – we can make all of them!

Planning an attractive stand or the entire trade show event?

Got a trade show event on the horizon? Or perhaps you’re considering incorporating a trade show into your event? Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss! We’re equipped to handle various productions, from impressive individual stands to even tighter timelines.

Seize the opportunity of the trade show event!

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