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Impressive virtual studio at your disposal

Sisters Studio, in cooperation with Tapahtumatalo Bank, provides an excellent framework for implementing special virtual and hybrid events. Located in the heart of Helsinki, the Studio includes all the necessary services and high-quality technology to ensure a successful event experience. We rent our studio for virtual implementations, and we also produce virtual events on a turnkey basis with great passion and professionalism.

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Conquer your audience with experiential event

Our studio adapts to many opportunities and solutions as needed. Tapahtumatalo Bank’s renovated premises, studio furniture and technical solutions create a high-quality and visually stylish whole. You can rent Sisters Studio for your use; choose the additional services you need through us, or outsource the entire event production to Sisters’ professional team. Tell us about your needs, and we, together with Tapahtumatalo Bank, will help you build the best possible implementation.

Virtual Events – Hybrid Events – Remote Meetings and Small Events

In the Sisters Studio

172m² studio space, additional space for 50+50

TV-level broadcasts

High-quality image, sound and light technology

Convertible Scenery and Furniture

Soundproof premises

Event production and planning

Streaming services and studio host


All Inclusive -studiopackages

We offer Sisters Studio for your use for a fee. In connection with the events in our studio, our professional team takes care of the smooth running of the event and ensures the operation of the technical solutions. Our All-Inclusive package includes studio rental, technology and three technicians, an event platform, and a studio host.

Versatile studio space, professional studio technology and a carefully designed script provide an excellent setting for a successful virtual experience. Want help designing and producing content for your event? We support you from the pre-production stages to the practical implementation. Let’s create an unforgettable virtual event for you together!

All Day

Time 8-18 (10h)
Price 6300 € +VAT

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Half Day

Time 8-12 or 13-18 (5h)
Price 4500 € +VAT

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Our Studio packages include: 

 75″ background screen | 43″ speaker screen | 3 robotic cameras | Imaging and streaming technology | Presentation machines | 6 Led headlights | Comprehensive studio and speaker lighting with adjustable deco lights | Audio playback with 4 wireless microphones and 2 handheld microphones | Branded event platform | Premises for rent | Pre-production 6-10h (depending on package size class) | Studio host | Recording | 

Deco: Lighting furniture 3pcs | 10 Led poles | White platform 8 x 2,5 m, height 20 cm | Furnishing, e.g., speaking table, armchairs, etc.

Sisters Studio Q&A

The studio comprises 127m² of studio space in Tapahtumatalo Bank. There is also a lobby area, which can be used, among other things, as a waiting area for performers or to watch the broadcast. As an additional service, it is possible to book separate meeting rooms for 50-200 people. Tasty catering can also be arranged for the studio directly from the Tapahtumatalo Bank’s high-quality restaurant.

Sisters Studio enables a holistic and high-quality virtual experience. By choosing Sisters Studio, you get professional-quality studio technology, a branded event platform, and a TV-level virtual implementation of your event. As an added service, Sisters Inc.’s experienced team also provides professional expertise in event ideation, scriptwriting, content production, and visualization. We have 19 years of experience in event production and marketing – these years include up to 2,000 event implementations and over 100 virtual events over the past year. We know from which elements the best virtual implementations arise. We help you succeed!

At Sisters Studio, you organize a wide range of virtual events at a professional level. Whether you wish to arrange a seminar, a panel discussion, a press conference, a general meeting, a training or even an entertaining event, all of these will succeed in our studio. The studio facilities (lounge side + studio) enable a hybrid event for 100 people. Several separate meeting rooms are also available, increasing the number of participants to 200. Each event is tailored to suit your needs.

The studio is also suitable for other activities, e.g. professional filming, photography, training, meetings, etc. can be done there. If you are interested in the studio without technics, please ask for a separate price.

Sisters Studio is a visually appealing and easily editable entity. The Studio has a built-in performance area with a 75” background screen on the wall. It is also possible to rent a bigger screen, green screen fabric or a bagdrop. Also, adaptable and adjustable deco lighting, such as a plexiglass top panel and Led lighting units, allow spectacular lightning and the space to be branded according to the look of the event. The versatile studio mode also enables you to photoshoot from several different angles.

There is a vertical table, speaker chairs and a movable podium for the performance area. The price of the Studio always includes elegant furniture and a few decorative elements. If you wish, you can also bring your furniture and decorations to the Studio.

Sisters Studio is in the heart of Helsinki on the premises of Tapahtumatalo Bank. However, the heavy traffic in the city centre is not part of the studio facilities, as the facilities are completely soundproofed. Address: Unioninkatu 20-22, 00130 Helsinki.

Arrival instructions: Sisters Studio is easy to reach. The transport connections are excellent, as the railway and Helsinki University metro station is 800 meters away and trams 2 and 10 and bus line 17 run almost next door. You can find more information on public transport routes and timetables on HSL’s website.

If you arrive by car, the nearest Sisters Studio car park is at the Kasarmitori, served by the Aimo Kasarmitori car park. Also nearby are Q-Park Senaatintori and EuroPark Kluuvi. Parking is always at your own expense.

You can find the studio facilities in the downstairs auditorium, on the K1 floor. Larger goods can be transported to the studio premises from Fabianinkatu, Fabianinkatu 23. You can only reach the goods lift with a pass, and from there to the studio premises on the K1 floor. If you have any questions regarding the studio facilities, please contact your contact person. We will be happy to help. A warm welcome to Sisters Studio!


The versatile and easily adaptable facility is well suited for virtual events, previews and more significant hybrid events. The excellent setting of Sisters Studio offers the opportunity to watch a broadcast with a small group. At the same time, you can enjoy a superb Catering selection if you wish.

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Covid-19 measures

Your safety is important to us. We closely monitor the coronavirus situation and adhere to the restrictions set by the Finnish healthcare authorities at the events we organize and at our Sisters Studio.

You can always do business with confidence in Sisters Studio. We take care of good hygiene and safety distances and follow the official instructions. Our versatile facilities allow a safe visit for even a larger group. Our technicians work in a separate cab, so the number of people in the studio space can be kept small. Besides, a particular lobby area and, as an additional service, bookable meeting rooms enable event arrangements to be made safely and flexibly.

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