Our services

We help our customers achieve their goals through event marketing. We create events in live-, hybrid-, virtual- and multihub formats. The main focus of our events is on content – why, what and how to communicate with your target audience.

Our expertise is at your disposal

As event architects, our core competencies are the comprehensive design, creation, and implementation of the functional, technical and artistic features of encounters. Our versatile expertise enables the implementation of all aspects of the event, from concept design and content construction to post-event communication and measuring.

Planning and project management

Comprehensive designing, functional processes and precise project management create a clear framework for our work and enable stress-free event production for the customer.

Ideation and concept work

Captivating ideas and concepts bring out the core idea of the event in an insightful way. Our strong expertise is crystallized through creative thinking and strategic expertise.

Content production

The content of the event is king! We produce uniquely eye-catching and addictive content for the event, from the event look to the script.

Video production

Videos are used to convey emotions, create commonality, and clarify even complex things. We design, script and produce videos for a variety of event needs.

and communication

Invitation process, customer communication, event advertising, social media updates, measuring – We produce a wide range of marketing communications as needed.

Event logistics
and -technology

Suitable framework, scenery, decorations, tasty catering, first-class event technology – We handle event logistics comprehensively from the build-up to unloading.

Event models

Our event architects have extensive experience in producing live, virtual and hybrid events for companies of all sizes. We have more than 19 years of experience in creating various events both domestically and internationally.

Live events

Virtual events

Hybrid events

Multihub- and satellite events

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