Veho Fiilisbileet

VEHO Fiilisbileet

Veho wanted to bring their strategy into action, empower their staff and gain a collective winner attitude. We created a solution that could enhance the desired attitude by using emotions and help the Veho staff to reach the set goals. Even during the invitation phase, the staff was engaged to the event in a fun and inspirational way – the employees were encouraged to communicate about their own feelings. Also, the event itself provided a suitable setting to wake the desired feelings: the winner attitude, pride, motivation and courage. Even the executives threw themselves into the game: they had preproduced some well-made material that was oozing attitude, showing that they are also willing to play their part. Even though the event was about emotions and feelings, the execution itself was characterized by attitude and morale!

For us, the organizing and the success of the Fiilisbileet party was important because the joy of work – that positive vibe – has been updated into our strategy as a deliberate choice. Sisters Inc. understood immediately what we wanted to achieve and why. Understanding this was the prerequisite to make everything work. The Fiilisbileet party was organized successfully and motivationally for our whole staff at three locations in Finland. It strengthened our belief that we’re on the right path.

MARJA NUMMELA, Executive Assistant, Veho


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