Elisa 135 years

Elisa wanted to invite all its employees to celebrate the 135th anniversary of Elisa and the centennial of Finland. This led to “Me Yhdessä” (“Together”) concept at the Helsinki ice stadium.

Even prior to the event, the Elisa employees were able to participate in content production, which enhanced the cooperative community spirit among them. The content of the amazing and memorable event was created with modern, digital solutions which supported Elisa’s image as a pioneer. A virtual choir was created by using the congratulation song videos Elisa’s employees had recorded beforehand. Finnish top artists livened up the night, and the guests could write their names on the big letters of the slogan “Me Yhdessä – We Together” – the letters were handed to Elisa as a memory of the night.

A memorable celebration for both Elisa and Finland – together.

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