Deloitte Fy Start 2023

Fostering Well-being through a personnel event

The growth and success of a company stem from thriving individuals. When individuals are feeling well, the company thrives. This significance of well-being culminated in the theme of Deloitte’s new fiscal year opening event, where we were delighted to participate in planning and execution.

We crafted an overarching concept for the event: A Well-being Festival. From spatial design to program, it manifested as a relaxed and uplifting occasion. Through pre-produced audiovisual content, we intricately linked key well-being messages to the collective accomplishments of the staff. The lush and inspiring setting of the Kattilahalli venue provided a space for connections, facilitating casual interactions and moments of tranquillity. The program could be experienced in a 300-degree view from anywhere within the event space, even while swaying in a hammock. Meticulous scheduling ensured ample time for colleagues to connect, collaborate, and simply be together.

The event also marked the launch of the partnership between the Olympic Committee and Deloitte. Guided by accessible and positive engagement, along with shared activities, the Olympic rings were constructed spectacularly by Deloitte employees. Lastly, the event celebrated accomplished staff members and treated the entire personnel to an exclusive concert by Haloo Helsinki.

Client: Deloitte
Event Model: Live Event
Number of Participants: Approximately 600
Services: Event conceptualization and design, project management, event production, event coordination, graphic design, photography, and video production

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