Cramo – A Great Day at the Worksite


The Cramo company wanted to be one huge team where each member could contribute substantially to fulfil the customer promise. To create a feeling of solidarity and team spirit, an event was organized to give the employees a chance to meet each other. To concretize things, an event “A Great Day at the Worksite” was organized in accordance with Cramo’s equivalent customer promise. The motivational event started with an engaging invitation process that led the participants into the world of Cramo Top Scorer game. The actual event also focused on engagement, reliability and creativity via the activity spots.

What we realized: The gamification clarified the company values, and the engagement made people to commit and reflect upon things. (Pax 300 persons)


I think that we were able to clarify our values for everyone. In my opinion, the event organizer is one step ahead of other production companies. The ideas are fresh, and the modern technologies are utilized – the Cramo Top Scorer game was a good example.

Jaana Suomi, Executive Assistant, Cramo


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