The new brand identity launch

The launch event for the new brand identity

Tampereen Sähkölaitos took a significant leap forward in rebranding itself as Tampereen Energia. The company wanted to celebrate this noteworthy change with its staff through an unforgettable and community-focused event. The goal was to create an occasion that not only introduced the new brand but also boldly looked towards the future.

We designed an impactful audiovisual program for the event that brought the new brand to life. We ensured seamless synchronization of a surprising launch moment with modern lighting effects. Striking visuals, combined with fun and engaging activities, facilitated the adoption of the new brand and the creation of lasting memories. In our production, we emphasized sustainability and digital elements.

Customer: Tampereen Energia
Event model: Live Event
Number of Participants: Approximately 250
Services: Event conceptualization and planning, project management, event production, event coordination, graphic design, audiovisual production, photography

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