Live event is the king of encounters

Emotion is at the centre of marketingAs people, we are influenced and change our thinking when we are surprised; we get new experiences or experiences outside of our familiar everyday environment. Anyone who wants to make an impact should aim to generate emotion because emotion leads to action. The best way to create a feeling is in face-to-face meetings in a controlled environment where distractions can be minimized.

We plan and implement business events regardless of location – seminars, annual celebrations, launch events, personnel events, training, and trade fairs – all situations that are considered encounters.

Of all forms of marketing, the popularity of live meetings is growing the fastest. Now is the right moment to plan impressive and experiential encounters and achieve results. Let our Event architects help!

The most effective marketing channel

With the help of event design, every step of the experience can be planned precisely in advance: what kind of environment it will be, what the participant sees, hears, smells or tastes, and how the arc of the event’s drama is created. In a well-constructed encounter, one travels through different emotional scales influenced by the senses. The experience creates a more vital and longer-lasting memory trace when all the senses can be utilised. Personalizing the participant experience also increases relevance and strengthens the individual’s experience.

Do you know how to create an event that is both experiential and effective?

Don’t worry; we have solutions for that! So get in touch, and we’ll create an impressive live event that matches your wishes!

The format advantages:

Utilization of all senses

Clear communication

A stronger memory trace

Higher degree of networking

A more manageable participant experience

Contribution of participants

The most effective marketing channel

The studies show that events are the most effective experiential marketing method. In addition to a solid sensory experience, the influence of event marketing is enhanced by multichannel. A solid customer path is always multichannel, enabling to reach the event participants in various stages of the event before the event, during it and afterwards. Audiovisual communication solutions engage audiences, and the message is conveyed to the desired target group for longer. It makes event marketing an effective, compelling, and longer-lasting influencing tool.

Up to 75% of B2B companies say experiential marketing is the most profitable tactic in their marketing

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We are experts in creating experiences and emotions

As Event architects, we have the expertise to transform the client’s messages into experiential ones and find the solutions by selecting the methods and toolkits – logistical, technical, content and visual – that best implement the desired message or brand story, bringing it to life. To fulfil the goal set for the event, we plan concepts, themes and participatory program numbers, utilizing, for example, playfulness in audience activation, interaction and data collection.

Almost the only limit is imagination when selecting means for events, especially when digital solutions and platforms are available. We can tailor insightful workshops and program numbers to fit the theme and match the brand. At best, they can be refined into long-term tools for the company.

With almost twenty years of experience, we also utilize an understanding of target groups’ needs and behaviour patterns when planning events. Conceptualization and planning, content production, project management, event production, event marketing and further processing of event content… we can provide it all on a turnkey basis!

Encounters have a long and wide impact

Event marketing supports the company’s brand and goals in the long term. Do you want to meet your target group experientially? Are you interested in a live event and its marketing potential?

Seize the opportunity of the event!

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