Sisters inc.

Sisters Inc. is a versatile event marketing agency

We are known for open-minded, bold and result-oriented event marketing, as well as a strong visual design. We plan and implement impressive events both in Finland and around the world – seminars, anniversaries, gala evenings, launch parties, personnel events, and trade fairs – all situations that are called encounters. We create concepts that impress, amaze and impact the audience permanently.

Meira roastery opening party

Deloitte Fy23 Start event

Cartier Lindroos event

Synlab, the world-class party

We commit to your event objectives.

We live by our principles. Our actions are characterized by our strong passion, integrity and continuous charge. Your experience is the cornerstone of our operations. We commit to your event objectives in everything we do in an uncompromising manner.

We collaborate with leading Finnish and international brands. We are one of the most experienced companies in our field. Our team has 18 years of experience and entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.


19 years
Founded 2004

evento awards

2 Evento Awards
and 10 finalist positions

Asiakastyytyväisyys 9,3

9,3/10 of our customers
recommends us*

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