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We connect people and brands in a bold way.

We draw the big picture thoughtfully, coloring the details, orienting the production and influence towards a certain goal. We plan and implement concepts that are both authentic and visual – they impress, amaze and impact the audience permanently.

Grand Opening of Wihuri Metro-tukku

Technology Industries of Finland 120 years

Deloitte Summit 2023

Seure Gala

The new brand identity launch

Deloitte Fy Start 2023

Sok Mara leadership day

Elisa Ict Day 2023

Ärräpäivät 2023 event

Nissan 60 years in Finland

Stockmann Fall Shopping night

Gummerus 150 years

Berggren Future Forum 2022

Meira roastery opening party

Deloitte Fy23 Start event

Cartier Lindroos event

Synlab, the world-class party

Ärräpäivät 2022 event

Stockmann 160 years

VR FleetCare seminar

NCC Business Arena Helsinki exhibition stand 2022

Academic Awards 2022 celebration

Cramo Åby house warming party

Mehiläinen 112 years anniversary

Deloitte Summit 2021

75th Anniversary of Versowood

Normet Mining Innovation Days 2021

Elisa ICT Day 2021

Lindström Growth Forum

Elisa ICT Day 2020

Deloitte Summit on Air

NuoriLääkäriPäivät 2020

Mehiläinen 111-anniversary

Deloitte SUMMIT 2019, The Light Of Wellbeing


Mehiläinen 110 years

Mall of Tripla -opening event

NCC’s stand Business Arena 2020

Optio Gala 2019

DSV – The Opening of the Logistics Center

Messukeskus 100 & Mesoaja Gala

Kojamo 50 Years

Optio Gala 2018

Deloitte United

Hedengren 100th Anniversary

Tieto Shareholders’ Meeting

The SRV 30th Anniversary Event

Elisa 135 years

MatSing Inc. – Exhibition Booth

The Posti Impact Day

Novita 90 years

REDI – The Opening

Optio 30th Anniversary Gala

Veho Fiilisbileet

Eltel 15th Anniversary

Cramo – A Great Day at the Worksite

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