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About us

Sisters Inc. is a group of passionate
event marketing professionals.


We call ourselves event architects: our core expertise is in the comprehensive planning, solving and implementing operational, technical and artistic features of events. Our awarded family business was founded in 2004. Our clients are leading Finnish and international companies in their fields.

We combine our experience, creativity and event design so that we can create our customers successful event solutions with a lasting impact. A successful event touches the attendees through its authenticity, and its impressiveness adds value to the customer.


An event isn’t only an arena of encounters. At its best, it forms a far deeper connection between the brands and the attendees. Each event should be unique for its owner and give the attendees an experience with a permanent impact.

This has been the philosophy of Sisters Inc. ever since the agency opened up its doors 15 years ago. Yet this philosophy has never felt as relevant and true as in today’s constantly changing world. We are a proactive developer of event marketing, an influencer and a challenger, with regard to our size. We challenge ourselves and our customers constantly. The incomparable customer experience is the cornerstone of our operations.

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